Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zero Progress - Not A Tour Tape


This tape was made when Zero Progress was just starting out. They had only been a band for two or three months when it was recorded on Christmas Eve of 2009. I'm pretty sure John (Stressors, Beat Guts, Easy Living) drew the cover art. That Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers inspired font was probably Ed's doing. Ed plays bass for them. I remember going to his house with some spare change sometime in early 2010 to pick it up. I got to choose which tape I wanted from the box, which was cool because every single cover was printed on a different color.

I was excited to listen to it because it featured all new songs. It sounds pretty great for being recorded with a single microphone in Collin's garage. The drums on ZP recordings always come out well because Josh plays pretty hard. I don't remember all the lyrics (no lyric sheet) but one of my favorite lines comes from the first song. "I'm sick of these kids and everything you say, you're a waste of a punch but I throw it anyway." The song "Out of Touch" is about when Zero Progress played with Youth Brigade at Gilman and YB took all the door money. "Uphill" used to be one of my favorite Zero Progress songs because of the cool drum part before the vocals come in. It's funny listening to the old recordings of these songs. They seem so slow compared to when they're played live.


This tape was originally made to be distributed on Ecoli and Migraine's tour. They ended up having van troubles and halted the tour, leading Zero Progress to sell the tape themselves. It was lucky for them, because Stressors ended up giving our tapes to Ecoli later when their tour actually took place, and most of them were lost. This tape is also the first on Piledriver Records, run by Ed and Matt of Zero Progress. The same label later put out ZP's first 7", amongst other (San Ramon) Valley bands (Stressors, Beat Guts). Zero Progress has improved with each release they've put out, and their newest 7" can be purchased in the Piledriver Records Store. Listen to this awesome song from it.