Friday, October 28, 2011

Pukeoid - Rabid


I believe this is the first record put out on Not Normal. The label first caught my attention with the Razorxfade tape. The Razorxfade LP is also the first for Not Normal.

Not Normal tapes is run by some of the guys in Raw Nerve and Raven (from That's So Raven, obviously). They seem pretty heavily involved with this record actually. The singer founded/helps run the label, one of their guitarists recorded it, and the other guitarist took the cover picture. It's cool to see people helping out with their scene's progression, putting out records/tapes/etc. I love the intro song, and lyrically, my favorite is "Front Page." It's about killing yourself via the lion cage at the zoo. Anyways, here's 8 fast tracks of midwest filth. Rip borrowed from Harrys Rex

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