Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yadokai - Sterile Environment


Noisy hardcore from the San Francisco Bay area. They also have a 7 inch (and are releasing another one soon) but i prefer this. This recording features Jake (singer of Ecoli) and Daiki (former guitarist of Morpheme) on guitar. They've had some line up changes since this came out. Dahlia (formerly of Vacant Rooms, and toured with Total Abuse as their bassist) is now playing bass in the band. Daiki moved to San Diego, but comes back occasionally to play with the band. Will (former drummer of Nighstick Justice) plays drums on this recording, but has since left the band. A new drummer I'm unfamiliar with be playing on their new record. Max (of Face The Rail) has switched instruments a few times, as he played drums on Yadokai's tour with Lotus Fucker, but has since moved to either bass or guitar. That's probably one of the most extensive "who's in this band and what do they play?" paragraphs I've written, and yet I doubt anybody cares.

Anyways, on to the music. From the sound of it, I'm assuming it was recorded in Jake's room. It's noisy and chaotic, influenced by Japanese hardcore. In fact, I think some people were turned off by the first song, as the first 35 seconds or so are the noisiest portion of the tape. It seems like "The Depths" would have made a better intro song. Then again, I'm not in the band. I am, however, in Stressors, who is playing a show with Needles (half of Limp Wrist), Yadokai and On Parade on December 10th at 1-2-3-4-GO! Records in Oakland. That transition occurred organically, but it feels just as cheesy as it would if it hadn't. I like the lyrics a lot, too. Enjoy the music.

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