Monday, April 23, 2012

Peacebreakers - Demo


Peacebreakers are a band from Massachusetts featuring members of Boston Strangler, Waste Management, Social Circkle, Confines, Blank Stare and Scapegoat. Not a bad list, eh? All these guys came together and stripped hardcore back down to its basics. The production and vocals are reminiscent of Negative Approach, and "Join Or Die" sounds pretty similar to "Whatever I Do." I think it was recorded in the same place as the Boston Strangler tape. Either way it was recorded by the same person, Boston Strangler's singer Ban Reilly.


It features three short songs, clocking in at a little less than four minutes. I wish there were more, but they might be saving songs for another release. I wouldn't be surprised if they put out a 7" in the future.


My scanner cut off some of the border around the lyric sheet, but you can still read it.


You can purchase it from their guitarist Cliff on discogs

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