Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Skull Stomp - Tour Demo




This is one of the last things Skull Stomp released while they were an active band. It's also one of the best recorded things they did. This and "No Hipsters" are my favorite things from this band. I bought this from them a few days before they left on tour. It was the summer of 2008. They played in our friend Justin's (who now sings in Beat Guts) back yard. One of my old bands (The Schizos), Negative Choice, and The Cassavettes played as well.

They were still pretty young back then, and I think that was the only tour they ever did. They ended up going to a few other states like Arizona and Oregon. They also played on UC Davis radio, but I only have a few songs from that. Here's them in Portland, Oregon.


I particularly enjoy the lyrics on this release, it seems like I often "re-discover" the stuff I end up putting on here. I mean who can't relate to feeling lazy and disappointing their parents?

Skull Stomp was fast and thrashy, but hardcore thrash not metal. This demo was recorded at Punk Barn Studios, who I've mentioned before. Austin, their guitarist, ran it. He always seemed to mix the bass too low in Skull Stomp recordings. Austin later "dropped out of punk" as Ed, their bassist would put it. In fact, Austin passed up a Skull Stomp show (meaning they couldn't perform at all) with Cult Ritual and Ecoli to go water skiing. I'd say it's a pretty good bet that the band fell apart because of him. After Austin left, I was considered to become their guitarist, but they decided to end it for good and start another band later. That band ended up being Zero Progress, which features 3/4 of Skull Stomp. I'll definitely be putting them up on the blog sometime.


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